[Loadstone] Sendero Maps and Copyright

Michael O. Hanson mhanson at winternet.com
Mon Jan 5 14:02:42 GMT 2009

I am a practicing attorney and a Loadstone user.  There is some question on this list about copyright issues related to purchasing maps from Sendero and using data obtained from them.  

A map can be copyrighted if it is an original work of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression.  That applies to almost any map I can think of.  Once one purchases or obtains a copyrighted work, one can use it for personal use.    

Using Sendero maps with Loadstone might not violate copyright laws if one used them for personal use.  It could well violate copyright laws if one made such data available for public use.  There might be some question about whether one can copyright actual coordinates.  I would strongly advise against public use of points from Sendero's maps if anybody attempts to use them with Loadstone.  That conflicts with the purpose of Loadstone, which is to make the program and data freely available to Loadstone users.  

Mike Hanson
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