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Jacob Kruger jacobk at iburst.co.za
Sat Jan 3 12:33:09 GMT 2009

Will also just say, try different environments for the GPS as well.

For example, my Holux M1000 sometimes doesn't like to be in my jacket 
pocket, and sometimes only picks up it's initial signal after I actually 
hold it outside the car window if I'm in one, and it then also seems to need 
a cold start as such.

Lastly, remember that most GPS units don't like to be indoors as such, 
although some will sometimes work in a not too built up building.


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>I realized after I answered that not much can be wrong with the settings
> since Bluetooth connection is established if you get the 'No signal'
> message. All I can think of is to try the 'Cold start' option in
> Options/GPS. If this still results in 'No signal' it looks like the
> receiver is kaput.
> Rob
> At 1/3/2009, you wrote:
>>Hi Rob,
>>yes, I waited more than 45 seconds before I connected the receiver with
>>loadstone. It didn't work in Germany either.
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