[Loadstone] no signal

Annette Kugler kuglerannette at web.de
Sat Jan 3 10:15:10 GMT 2009

Hi Rob,

yes, I waited more than 45 seconds before I connected the receiver with 
loadstone. It didn't work in Germany either.

What settings could be wrong in GPS options?

Many thanks,
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> Hi Annette,
> Have you given the receiver enough time to adjust to its new environment?
> It can take up to 45 seconds to download a new NM from the GPS
> constellation. Are the settings in Options/GPS OK? Did you use this setup
> before (in Germany) or is this the first time you're using Loadstone?
> Rob
> At 1/2/2009, you wrote:
>>Hi everybody!
>>As I'm new to this list, a short word about me: I'm Annette from Germany,
>>however I'm currently in Dublin (since yesterday evening) because I will 
>>working there for two and a half months.
>>Recently, I have installed Loadstone on my mobile, and bought a GPS 
>>(Royaltek RBT 2110). But no mattter where I try it, Loadstone says "no
>>Does that mean that the GPS Receiver is broken, or am I doing anything
>>Loadstone can establish the connection with the receiver, but it's
>>absolutely no use to me - I also can't check the GPS time.
>>Any help would be much appreciated.
>>It's a pity that it doesn't work now because Loadstone would have been 
>>helpful to me when exploring Dublin, since there are already many useful
>>points in the point share exchange.
>>Regards and many thanks in advance,
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