[Loadstone] sendero maps?

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Fri Jan 2 23:27:20 GMT 2009

Loadstone GPS works without any connection. Loadstone GPS also doesn't have 
it's own maps. You either create your own maps or download points from the 
PointShareExchange or use the tools provided to make use of external 
databases. Please read the documentation which explains all you need to 
know about using Loadstone GPS.

At 1/2/2009, you wrote:
>Once I get a phone in a month or so and put loadstone on it, can I buy maps
>from sendero and somehow put the maps into loadstone? also, do you need a
>phone service to use loadstone-gps? I plan to get an unlocked nokia n75 but
>I plan not to get any cell phone service with it. instead I will use the
>wireless connectivity, bluetooth and that stuff for the PDA functions and
>for the GPS.

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