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Alastair Fairweather al_fairweather at onetel.com
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Ah great - I hadn't appreciated that you could have more than 1 database.

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 From Chapter 3 of the Getting Started Manual:

Load Database

Actually, this option should have been called 'Create or Load a Custom 
Database', but that didn't fit on the screen. So we settled for 'Load 
Database' and
here's what it does.

When you have just started using Loadstone GPS, choosing this option shows 
a window that lists the 'Default' database. This database already resides in
memory as it is loaded at startup. But there is also the <new file> option. 
By selecting this option you may create and name a new, empty database,
ready to be filled with points.

Most likely, your default database contains points for daily use, the route 
to work, the location of the nearest shopping mall and the addresses of 
Additionally there may be points that you have downloaded from the Point 
Share Exchange website and imported (merged into) the default database. Now 
assume you have plans to explore the Appalachian trail. You've downloaded 
the centerline data and discovered that there are over 300,000 points to
guide you along the trail. It's not advisable to use a file of that size, so
chopped it up in 10 files of 30,000 points and used the POI converter to
create 10 Loadstone GPS databases. Still, merging only one file of this size
the default database would make Loadstone GPS do it's work notably slower. 
where the <new file> option comes in.

Using this option you create an empty database and name it AT_Part1. Now, 
again using the 'Load database' option you press select on this new
database. The default database is temporarily replaced with this new
database. Next 
you use the 'Import database' option to fill AT_Part1 with the 30,000 points
in your first created database file. You do the same for the other 9 files 
and finally you end up with the default database still containing your
original points and ten databases that you can load into memory as you want
to use them.

At 1/2/2009, you wrote:
>You say you have different databases containing sectioned data.
>What procedure do you use to switch between databases whilst using
>loadstone?   Does it take long?   I've found the import function pretty
>when importing, say, 400  points...
>Or is there some functionality I'm not yet aware of within loadstone to 
>dynamically switch between databases?
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>At this moment Loadstone GPS uses the name field to store the 
>information you want to know about a point (75 characters). There are 
>plans to make some kind of points classification and fields to add such 
>as address etc., but the limitations of the database currently in use 
>don't allow for the implementation of this at this moment. The way the 
>points are organized on the phone is pretty much up to the user. I have 
>the points for towns in seperate databases and a database that contains 
>the railway stations that connect them. I store a point by its address 
>and an intersection by two streetnames seperated by the @ character. I 
>basically know in which country and town I am, so no need to have this 
>announced all the time. POI's are stored under their descriptive name 
>such as Postoffice, Pub, etc. It makes no difference how you upload 
>points to the PointShareExchange, they get organised by location and 
>where such info is available contained within area borders. This means 
>that you can export all your points and upload them to the PSE in one 
>At 1/1/2009, you wrote:
> >Also, I would like to know...as we save points locally into our 
> >database on the phone and we get a few more, and than want to upload 
> >it for others to use...Do we just upload it in one file? Also, when 
> >others have been labelling places, are they also putting the name of 
> >the town after it or not? Eg. Empire Pub v's Empire Pub Eltham. Also, 
> >if I go on holidays and keep on saving more points into Loadstone, 
> >does it recognise the different longitude and latitude and file it 
> >seperately, or does it put it into the same database? Or, does the 
> >Loadstone administrator simply organise the files online once they 
> >are uploaded (eg by town, province, country, co-ordinates etc?). Is 
> >there a section in the manual that tells you more about this? (I 
> >understand how to upload a file, and now how to rename etc, but just 
> >wanted to know that if I went to different towns, how would this 
> >work?)
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