[Loadstone] Thanks and uploading databases

Jacob Kruger jacobk at iburst.co.za
Fri Jan 2 12:33:05 GMT 2009

Options menu, database, load database.

Takes about as long to then load the database as it would if you'd just 
started it normally - around 3 seconds on my side on my 6680, since the data 
in these files has been 'compiled' (for wont of a better word to use).

Stay well

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> Rob,
> You say you have different databases containing sectioned data.
> What procedure do you use to switch between databases whilst using
> loadstone?   Does it take long?   I've found the import function pretty 
> slow
> when importing, say, 400  points...
> Or is there some functionality I'm not yet aware of within loadstone to
> dynamically switch between databases?
> Thanks,
> Al
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> At this moment Loadstone GPS uses the name field to store the information
> you want to know about a point (75 characters). There are plans to make
> some kind of points classification and fields to add such as address etc.,
> but the limitations of the database currently in use don't allow for the
> implementation of this at this moment. The way the points are organized on
> the phone is pretty much up to the user. I have the points for towns in
> seperate databases and a database that contains the railway stations that
> connect them. I store a point by its address and an intersection by two
> streetnames seperated by the @ character. I basically know in which 
> country
> and town I am, so no need to have this announced all the time. POI's are
> stored under their descriptive name such as Postoffice, Pub, etc. It makes
> no difference how you upload points to the PointShareExchange, they get
> organised by location and where such info is available contained within
> area borders. This means that you can export all your points and upload
> them to the PSE in one batch.
> Rob
> At 1/1/2009, you wrote:
>>Also, I would like to know...as we save points locally into our
>>database on the phone and we get a few more, and than want to upload it
>>for others to use...Do we just upload it in one file? Also, when others
>>have been labelling places, are they also putting the name of the town
>>after it or not? Eg. Empire Pub v's Empire Pub Eltham. Also, if I go on
>>holidays and keep on saving more points into Loadstone, does it
>>recognise the different longitude and latitude and file it seperately,
>>or does it put it into the same database? Or, does the Loadstone
>>administrator simply organise the files online once they are uploaded
>>(eg by town, province, country, co-ordinates etc?). Is there a section
>>in the manual that tells you more about this? (I understand how to
>>upload a file, and now how to rename etc, but just wanted to know that
>>if I went to different towns, how would this work?)
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