[Loadstone] Thanks and uploading databases

Kennydog hurrikenny at slingshot.co.nz
Thu Jan 1 07:49:31 GMT 2009


Thanks for that Rob. We have now managed to get it to edit entries. I 
found that we were checking the point in exploration mode (check) and 
then pressing the enter key (to select it) but then it needed to be 
pressed a second time before it would appear with the edit and delete 
options. Thanks again.

Also, I would like to know...as we save points locally into our database 
on the phone and we get a few more, and than want to upload it for 
others to use...Do we just upload it in one file? Also, when others have 
been labelling places, are they also putting the name of the town after 
it or not? Eg. Empire Pub v's Empire Pub Eltham. Also, if I go on 
holidays and keep on saving more points into Loadstone, does it 
recognise the different longitude and latitude and file it seperately, 
or does it put it into the same database? Or, does the Loadstone 
administrator simply organise the files online once they are uploaded 
(eg by town, province, country, co-ordinates etc?). Is there a section 
in the manual that tells you more about this? (I understand how to 
upload a file, and now how to rename etc, but just wanted to know that 
if I went to different towns, how would this work?)

Thanks heaps

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