[Loadstone] OpenStreetMap converter

Igor B. Poretsky poretsky at mlbox.ru
Fri Feb 13 03:47:09 GMT 2009

Hello, all!

I've tried the subj on the LS page and found it pretty useful and
convenient, but some issues still remain, IMHO.

As I've discovered, the converter regards point as POI when the node
includes tag with key "amenity" and uses the value of this key as
point name. But I'd prefer that it use the value of key "name" when
corresponding tag exists for the node. Moreover, some actually named
valuable points are lost even when I do not check "Intersections
only". For example, the subway entrance that has tag with key
"railway" and tag with key "name". Maybe, it would be wise to include
all points that have tag with key "name"? Or at least have this
capability as an option.

So, my questions:

What the software is used for this conversion? Is it available in the
source form? Is there any equivalent tool that could be used offline?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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