[Loadstone] Patch Question

Igor B. Poretsky poretsky at mlbox.ru
Mon Feb 9 16:30:54 GMT 2009


>>>>> "Michael" == Michael O Hanson <mhanson at winternet.com> writes:

    Michael> Is the patch for MTK chip sets usable now?  If so, how
    Michael> would I download it on my phone?  I have it on my
    Michael> computer's hard drive.  Thank You,

This patch is not for direct use on a phone. It should be applied to
the Loadstone sources that are to be compiled then. The patch itself
can be interesting primarily for the developers. But if you wish to
try it, you can download the compiled program with the patch applied
and install it on your phone. Here are the links:

For Symbian 1st:

For Symbian 2nd:

For Symbian 3rd (only unsigned):

Best regards,

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