[Loadstone] What did I do'es wrong?

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GPS is not going to guide you to your mailbox from your Garage. Bad example to use. It makes it 
sound like you shouldn't be out on your own if you need a GPS to go from your Garage to your 

GPS will get you to within 10 meters about 33 feet radius of your location . This will very from 
receiver to receiver. If you press number 2 it will give you a idea of the Radius of your 
connection. The internal GPS receivers on the phone are not that good. So you may be 80 feet about 
25 meters from the center of the circle of where you want to be. This will very but is about what my 
N95 dash 3 reported. A lot of things can and do effect this range. So the number can go down and it 
can go up.

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Hi Everybody,
Since 2 months, I'm tryng the loadstone.
I never be able to get to a check point by using  the joystick.
Did some of you,were able to get to a check point by using the joystick?
Let see me setting.
I'm using nokia 95 with it's GPs.
On a traile, from my home outside, after I get 3 or 4 satelites, I make a
check mark by using "#" key.
I already tried sabing it by usingcurrent point if I'm not walking, and I
tried by using the function, from bigginning also.
Both of them, doe's change anything.
After all check Mark, corectly enter,  I'm export it to my PC and I'm,
export it to the  route planer tool, and after the rote planer caorrectly
made, I import the 2 files to my Nokia.
When I want to use it, I select check point and I selected this file.
I, setting the oadstone like this!
Use check point only,
Auto Announce off
Sound non
Vibrator off.

After I kept 3 or 4 sathélites I start to walk,
if i'm using joystick to know wher i'm, this is not the next check point
witch is announce, this the tirth or the forth check point that was tell me!
I like to tell you There is no hairpincurves.
Should somebody, tell me what I did wrong.
Also, in the tool route planer,
I put by example
Garage for the first point
and Mail
for the last point.
With the button add,
I add the other check points
from the garage, up to the mail check point.
Also, in my return I'm using the other file reverse  routecreated by the
route planner.
When I question the the loadstone,  it telle me  the next check points witch
are in front but instead telling me forword the name of the point at xx
meter, it tell me in french
"rrière", This mean behind me not front of me.
How come every thing are said
to me all in the wrong way?
I'm sure that I'm using the right file.
Also, something that I didn't understand, it is that
event if i'm exactly on a check point and if I question the loadstone, it
didn't tell me exactly where I'm but telleng me 14 meter from xx.

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