[Loadstone] N82 Question

Jacob Kruger jacobk at iburst.co.za
Fri Feb 6 20:15:45 GMT 2009

I am managing to use it with the internal receiver of my N82, but do 
sometimes have to try things like restarting the phone, loading nokia maps 
first, then exit it, etc. etc. to get loadstone to (eventually) see the GPS 
unit/ receive signals, etc.

Your other questions will hopefully be answered by other people.

Stay well

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I read the manual and I still have many questions.

Using an N82, will I have to purchase an external GPS receiver?

What do I exactly download from the point share web site?  Does that give me 
the street info or POIs like restaurants or both?  Is it advisable to only 
get info for a small area or can I get info for my whole state or adjacent 

Any help is greatly appreciate it.



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