[Loadstone] Loadstone enhancements (updated)

Charlie charlie at loadstone-gps.com
Fri Feb 6 11:23:13 GMT 2009

Shawn Kirkpatrick <shawn at loadstone-gps.com> wrote:

> - Problem: It's impossible to use all the localization technologies for a
> particular receiver simultaneously.
> How would you connect to multiple technologies at once? you only want
> input from one receiver so you have to select which one.
> Problem 2: Internal receiver doesn't work properly or doesn't work at all
> on Nokia N82.
> Can you specify? On the n82 I was testing the internal receiver worked
> fine.

Same here with several N82, no issues with the internal GPS, works fine on
every N82 I came across.

> We've had reports of bluetooth connections not working on the n82 if
> phone is selected as the gps source. This seems to be specific to the n82
> thoe since this combination seems to work on other phones.

It works for example on 5500 Sport and E70. The N82 is the only device I
have to test with an internal GPS... probably next Week I can try it with a
N95. I'll keep you informed.

> - Problem 1: The technology Bluetooth appears even under Internal
> receiver technologies. This is not a problem. The choice is called phone
> and will present any technologies the phone has that are able to deliver
> nmea sentences. This list may be effected by choices made in the phone's
> positioning settings. Usually the list will include bluetooth. You might
> want to use this if you wanted to use your receiver with more than one
> program at once

That's it. It's really great to use a single GPS connection with more than
only one application. The external receivers are much better than the
internal ones, so I prefer an external bluetooth receiver - but I won't
miss the advantage of using several applications with only one receiver.

> You may prefer Loadstone's bluetooth code if you don't want to pair the
> receiver with the phone

You don't need to pair the receiver with the phone to use it with any
application. You just have to cancel the pairing dialogue, the receiver
works fine.

> or if the phone's bluetooth isn't working as in the case of the n82.

Do you see a chance to fix this issue for N82?
Hmmm... I'll do some further testing if a bluetooth receiver works with
the Symbian BT-API and other applications than loadstone.


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