[Loadstone] info on LoadStone

Chip Orange Corange at PSC.STATE.FL.US
Thu Feb 5 18:19:08 GMT 2009

Hi all,

I've just subscribed to this list because I'm interested in gps and
navigational aids for the blind, but I don't own one yet.

I have several questions if you don't mind:

* I've seen people talk about using LoadStone and WayFinder on cell
phones.  I asume that the programs are roughly the same, but I assume
the mapping data is better on WayFinder (because they're charging you
for it).  I was assuming the mapping data (I'm particularly interested
in the U.S.) comes from public sources for LoadStone; is this a fair

* finally, if I bought a KNFB reader and it's Nokia phone, would
LoadStone run on that phone (and whatever OS it has)?  I'm pretty sure
the option from Sendaro Group (forget it's name) won't, is that right?

that's for the update.


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