[Loadstone] Loadstone enhancements (updated)

Przemysław Rogalski Rogalski at o2.pl
Thu Feb 5 12:55:24 GMT 2009


First of all, thanks for your patience in reading such a long list of suggestions.

Also thanks for detailed answers and explanations.

Belowe are some coments.

* Web-dependence:

I was writing about web usage as a equivalent to solutions that are harde to implement in Loadstone, but exist on-line.

For instance, I'd like to generate a route via Bbus stop.readcrumb and Checklist generator from just created NMEA file, even at the 

* GPS choosing:

I understand it now. But maybe it would be good idea to rename "Phone" and "Bluetooth" here into "Phone-based" and "Software-based", for better clarification?

You said it's impossible to use several techonolgies at once.

But in Wayfinder, in Nokia Maps, and even in the modified LS v0.70 I've sent you some time ago, you choose only receiver, and then all available technologies (A-GPS, Network Based) are used if available, aren't they.

* Advanced logging options:

I've just thought that it might help reprocessing data needed for creating routes 

(meaning: less data = less calculations). That's the actual purpose.

* Slow import:

I of course don't expect you check all phones and all cards, but if that was a problem with memcard, I'll buy a new one.

* Realspeak problem:

OK, I promise to pay more attention to beta testing and its level.

* Import errors:

it would be nice to know which lines were wrong in order to correct it later.

It is helpful to have somewhere written all the detailed info about which point exactly and for what reason couldn't have been imported/exported.

If I work on a really large file, I not always can watch out for every message.

* Locking point:

If you lock a point, both lock and unlock point options are available in the "Current point" menu.

I think, in this case only "Unlock" should be available.

And vice versa.

* Point announcements:

I was refering to a function described in latest release notes in a following way:

"it's now possible to disable point approach and point arrival announcements

by setting the respective radius to 0."

* Time of arrival depends on speed, doesn't it?

* Pausa/Stop logging:

Yes, the idea was multiple logging files (vital for collecting NMEAs used to route creation).

Stop would finish the file; Then using "Start" would create and write to another file.

Pausa would do the same as Stop does now.

* Checkpoint file format:

It's fine that checkpoint format contains more data (especially coordinates and comment fields).

But I just asked for exchanging coordinates with point name.

OK, To avoid users' complaining, isn't it better to make program not allow for loading too large checkpoint files?

This limit would be configurable. A warning can be added to the LS documentation, that changing this value is not recommended.

* Auto-Announce interval:

It would be nice if the user could decide how often wants to be announced of proximity.

* Other checkpoints showed if "Use checkpoint only" is checked.

The idea was: If I'm enabling "Checkpoints only" and performing a search, scanning my surrounding etc., I would like to get results only from checkpoints.

If I wanted to get also other results, I would disable "Checkpoints only".

Maybe I understand working of the function "Use checkpoints only" in a wrong way?

* Database and checkpoint file loaded at startup.

OK, I can change the names of respective files to "Default", but the problem is, that, depending of circumstances, I'd like to use different files for this purpose.

Y-Browser is a half-solution here. An .ini files seems better.

* One new idea:

Would it be possible to import not only all data or personal data, but also points of a specified userid? It would be useful if you have points from different sources in one file.

* When approximately the next Loadstone is going to be released and how earlier will the beta testing be started?

Best regards and sincere "good luck"! :)


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