[Loadstone] 8GB MicroSD Card

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It could be that your old card reader doesn't like the 8GB card. The old card reader may only read 
MicroSD and not MicroSDHC cards. Note the HC at the end! Older card reader will not read HC type of 
cards. Another words anything above 2GB.

Yes the N82 will format the card itself. So put the card in the phone and see if it will then let 
you use it. If so, then you need to go and buy a new card reader for your PC and if so, Make sure 
that it support HC cards.

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I just got a 8GB MicroSD card for my N82.  It seems that it has come unformatted.  When I put it in 
my card reader, it does not recognize it.  I attempted to format it but it just doesn't recognize 
it.  The original 2GB card reads perfectly on the card reader.

The question:
Might I have a bad card?
Does the N82 format the card?
Am I missing something here?

Any help is greatly appreciate it.  Do you know of an 8GB or 16GB card that does work?

Thank you all!



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