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Wed Feb 4 13:02:15 GMT 2009

  it isn't to big to dl, but it will never load in the phone.

  start out with a small area around your home then branch out, Like I start out with a mile then 3 5 etc.

  you will still never get the hole state in there but just what you really need.

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  I went on to the PointShare site and attempted two different downloads.  The first consisted of downloading two states, NM and TX.  The file downloaded 22.9 MB but it never completed the download.  After waiting 5 minutes of inactivity for it to finalize the download, I cancelled it.  At the moment I assumed that there was either a problem with the size or the download itself.  I next attempted to download one state, NM.  It is much smaller in size so I began the process.  It downloaded up to 7.91 MB and it hung.  It has been inactive for 10 minutes now.  I am going to wait it out a bit longer but I don't suspect that it will complete.

  Am I doing something wrong?  Is one state to big to get?  I would appreciate any assistance.  Thank you!



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