[Loadstone] Loadstone and the Evolve goTraxx receiver

Lukáš Hosnedl lukas.hosnedl at seznam.cz
Wed Feb 4 09:14:44 GMT 2009

Hi list,
I am very new to Loadstone, in fact am still memorizing the keymap and 
menus, etc, but so far the program looks really promising! I am glad I 
checked it out. :-)
I bought the Evolve goTraxx receiver for it and it seems pretty accurate and 
reliable, however I heard that there is an utility one has to download and 
use to enable signal corrections like Egnos for the receiver, which I am 
interested in using. If I had a clue that the receiver doesn't support this 
feature by default and that it has to be turned on manually before I bought 
it, I would have probably changed my mind and looked for another one. :-) 
Other than that, I would recommend this very unit as the ideal one for a 
blind user, if you turn off power saving in Loadstone itself. Until I did 
that, I experienced frequent connection failures. Now I get no signal 
acquired every now and then, but I guess that this is because of the city 
terrain or because of too much jamming at once at certain places, and it 
never lasts for too long. Usually this occurs when I turn on the receiver 
while still in a car or building and connect it with my Nokia 6120 classic 
So, I would like to ask if there is anyone using this receiver already on 
the list, about the mentioned utility.I was searching the web and found 
links to several different pieces of software at several different forums, 
so I would really like anyone to shed some light on this if possible. Which 
one is the best to use if all I want to do is enable Egnos? Thanks a lot in 
advance and take care everyone,

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