[Loadstone] nokia n72?

Stephen Giggar sgiggar at sbcglobal.net
Tue Feb 3 16:11:06 GMT 2009

Yes you would be able to put it on that phone. No you do not need sighted help but it can go easier for you if you have sighted help for the first time. Keep in mind, the n72 is a old phone and for the most part is no longer made.

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Subject:	[Loadstone] nokia n72?
From:	"josh" <jkenn337 at gmail.com>
Date:		03/02/2009 1:08 PM


When I get my n72 this month I think I will put a talks free trial on it until I get more money to buy it next month. But, since I won't be useing a sim card with the n72 and useing it in offline mode, can I still install talks on the unlocked phone? will I need sighted help to do this? Once I get talks installed I should be able to install loadstone no problem. Talks is only $300 so next month i can afford to buy it.


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