[Loadstone] ESpeak and loadstone gps

Stephen Giggar sgiggar at sbcglobal.net
Mon Feb 2 02:04:23 GMT 2009

You have to buy MobileSpeak as well. Both screen readers will work with the built in Nokia TTS. 
Talks and MobileSpeak cost about the same.

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> This is all true, however who will put the time aside to do the coding?
> Are you putting your hand up? <smile>
> Porting espeak to symbian would not be trivial,
> just because espeak is in c++ you have to map all the api calls to the
> platform in question.
> There are ways to play audio on windows mobile, symbian windows etc and they
> all differ.
> the whole audio subsystem of espeak would have to be reworked as there is no
> portaudio library on Symbian.
> Perhaps if you donated $300 to the loadstone team, one of the programmers
> might consider looking at it.
> If you were going to spend that much however you might as well go out and
> buy talx, it'll make a lot more of your phone accessible than just the
> navigation application.
> Mobilespeak is also an option, and you do not have to pay for upgrades with
> mobilespeak.
> You can run mobielspeak with nokia's tts, and perhaps if loadstone could
> support nokia's tts that too would be an option, although it would only work
> on later second edition phones and 3rd edition phones.
> I personally don't have the programming skills to do this; and perhaps the
> loadstone team have other priorities they'd choose to work on rather than
> saving 2 or 3 people $300 on talx.
> Regards, Kerry.
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> Subject: [Loadstone] ESpeak and loadstone gps
> Hi,
> ESpeak is designed for whatever platform you want to make it run on, and
> that is because ESpeak's source code is available to anyone. ESpeak is Open
> source and also multilingual! Just as loadstone is free and open source,
> that means you can get and modify the source or program code to your heart's
> content all you want, so, ESpeak is also open source, and you can modify the
> code all you want. So, you could make ESpeak run on symbian, windows mobile,
> whatever your heart desires if you know programming.
> If loadstone were self-voiceing, then I would not need talks to use it,
> after or during installation just assign a key on the phone to be the
> dedicated loadstone start button, and loadstone comes up talking, or turn
> the speech off if you wish and use it with your favorite screen reader.
> Josh
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