[Loadstone] What is the best Settings

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Sun Feb 1 21:03:10 GMT 2009

Switch off auto announce. If you have loaded a checklist the  points of 
that checklist will be automatically announced when you approach them.

At 2/1/2009, you wrote:
>Hi everybody,
>After use route planer with check point that I made,
>witch is the bes setting for that Loadstone tell me just de check point and
>the distance between me and the next point?
>I made a rout from my house, to a trale in the wood,
>and I have about 20 check mark in every a0 meters about.
>Everything is very good in the file.txt that I Import from the tool rout
>I  load the loadstone, and I choose in check point
>the file and also,in function I choose Auto Anounce.
>The problem that I face is that the loadstone not just tell me the distance
>between me ant the next point but it tells me the first point plus the
>second  and tels me also the rest of check Points in a stretch.
>I like that it Just tell me the first point  and when a past this point it
>can tell me the next point, but not tell me all the points at the same time.
>In general setting I have:
>maximum search : I put it a 20 it was at 200.
>search result = 5
>Arrial search 10
>Carry timer out 300
>Search time out 300
>Show arial Time out 300
>Approching distance  10
>Time approching 10
>arrival radius  16
>command and approching
>Auto Label Actif
>Walk Up actif
>Walk Up time out 5
>Screem keep  désable
>Keep time out 60
>Exit désable
>In the Gps Setting,
>I put Static seuil, at 0 like mention in the manual.
>I'm sorry if this question has been be asked before,
>but I read dthe first chapter, the second chapter and the tirth chapter.
>I must miss how to adjust those setting.
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