[Loadstone] What is the best Settings

Réginald Arseneau regimari at nb.sympatico.ca
Sun Feb 1 18:30:24 GMT 2009

Hi everybody,
After use route planer with check point that I made,
witch is the bes setting for that Loadstone tell me just de check point and 
the distance between me and the next point?
I made a rout from my house, to a trale in the wood,
and I have about 20 check mark in every a0 meters about.
Everything is very good in the file.txt that I Import from the tool rout 
I  load the loadstone, and I choose in check point
the file and also,in function I choose Auto Anounce.
The problem that I face is that the loadstone not just tell me the distance 
between me ant the next point but it tells me the first point plus the 
second  and tels me also the rest of check Points in a stretch.
I like that it Just tell me the first point  and when a past this point it 
can tell me the next point, but not tell me all the points at the same time.
In general setting I have:
maximum search : I put it a 20 it was at 200.
search result = 5
Arrial search 10
Carry timer out 300
Search time out 300
Show arial Time out 300
Approching distance  10
Time approching 10
arrival radius  16
command and approching
Auto Label Actif
Walk Up actif
Walk Up time out 5
Screem keep  désable
Keep time out 60
Exit désable

In the Gps Setting,
I put Static seuil, at 0 like mention in the manual.
I'm sorry if this question has been be asked before,
but I read dthe first chapter, the second chapter and the tirth chapter.
I must miss how to adjust those setting.

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