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The RoutePlanner makes a checklist, not a database. You should place it in 
the 'checklist' folder of LS and load this checklist when you need it. If 
you plan to use it both ways you should the 'reverse route' button in the 
tool and generate and download this checklist too. Give the two files names 
that mention the direction. To walk back you will have to load the reversed 

 From the tools page:

"This tool lets you create a file with a list of checkpoints with 
directional commands added to the comment field of each point. You provide 
a startpoint
and destination and select the points inbetween that connect these two 
points. With this checkpoint file loaded this results in the announcement 
of the
pointname that you are approaching, followed by a 'turn left, go straight 
or turn right message. Also the clockface direction is announced. With verbose
mode checked, a truncated part of the name of the next point and the 
distance to that point is also announced. The truncation is due to the 
limited size
of the comment field (75 characters). This is a useful tool when practicing 
a new route, or to provide visitors with a database of points and a checklist
file that serves as route to your house. You can reverse the route and save 
both the 'to' and 'from' routes under different names. Beam the route files
to the phone and place them in the 'loadstone/checkpoints' directory."


At 1/31/2009, you wrote:
>Hi EveryBody,
>I'm export check points from my Nokia to Pc. After, I export it from the  Pc
>to web in tool route planner
>and I download a .txt file with all the instructions in this file.
>This file contain   the name of the check point that I select and
>thelatitude and longitude. Also I found  at the end  turn left or turn
>Everything was correct.
> >From my computer, I transfer it with USB cable to my 8 geg memory to the
> >From there I use the Y Brosser to copy this file to
>C:/Data/Other/Loadstone/Data/Base/Import/Export and I pasted there like
>mention in manual.
> >From there after this, I use the manager to import the file to the data 
> base
>of the Loadstone to be used.
>After this I load loadstone, and I open Data base and Import/Export and I
>selected the file and I select import.
>So If I understand well, when I want to use this file, name Trail in
>did I should touse import every time I want to use it or this file is loaded
>to the data base  by default, and every time I will go for a walk to this
>trail it will be in function?
>Should I should have a message from the loadstone programme when I'm
>approching a check point witch is in this file.
>Second question:
>In a route planer, did I should make a route planner from biguining from the
>trail up to the End and from the End up to the biguining of the trale?
>If yes is it mean that
>a the end of theroute in the way back I have to load the other  file?
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> > Hi all,
> >
> > When we download points from the point share web sight through area
> > exporter, we select country, state and then county. On the next screen we
> > specify criteria in terms of addresses, streets etc. However when we
> > download the text file, it includes only streets, but not addresses for
> > many
> > states. So does it mean that the preloaded points at the sight do not
> > contain addresses by default and they become available as users decide to
> > upload them?
> >
> > Vetri.
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