[Loadstone] new user with a few questions and possible translation offer

Juan Pablo Bello ultraleetj at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 20:52:51 GMT 2009

This is juan Pablo Bello . I am born and currently reside in the only
of the many South American countries which limits with both the
Atlantic and Pacific oceans. I'm currently in the capital of the
country (Bogota Colombia) . I heard of the project through a couple of
friend i had made when I was in the United States. Long story short
immigration was the catalist for erradicating back in my homeland.  It
has indeed changed, and one of the things that is the hardest of
independent living is perhaps orientation and mobility... and the
wonderful job every government makes for ensuring the security of
citizens is reflected here. Besides being extremely dangerous in most
areas, mobility is also difficult since there is a constant flow of
people living in the inner part of the city which is where i live as
well. One of the things I did after knowing of the project was to
install the program on my nokia 6682 phone running talks 3.05, find
the open street maps for the city and download them and try to fiddle
with the exploration mode as i don't yet own any sort of gps receiver.
I was thinking of getting the ones made by nokia because of their
portability and smaller size, although any advice on these is
apreciated!. Bogota is similar to New York because it has gotten
buildings.. lots of them in most places where I frequent going (but
they are not as tall however). Anyway my two questions pertain to the
website and the possibility of translating the program's interface.
Unlike the united States and Canada Colombia is still in the "stone
age" for many people with all sorts of disabilities. Many don't have
much access to the screen readers out there primarily because of the
costs and many blind musician friends i know off are "hobbyists"
because they haven't had the resources to do their job
proffessionally. I am aspiring to be a proffessional musician and have
devised the methods that thankfully will allow me to head in some
direction. Taking this into account I sought to translate the
loadstone gps documentation and program interface and even essential
parts of the site into spanish. This would be a neat thing to do
because the Spanish language extends throughout several countries in
the caribbean and in some parts of Europe and of course... all of
latin  America--that's a  pretty big audience if we get to expand the
news right. My second question (or a problem I found) is concerned
with something that's beyonbd my control of course and it regards the
point exchange website. I am trying to register for an account and
when I click or open the registration link the following error is
displayed (maybe someone can forward this on to the webmaster so he
can check his php syntax or server settings)?:

Warning: require_once(crc16.php) [function.require-once]: failed to
open stream: Permission denied in
/home/shane/public_html/gps/register.php on line 4

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening
required 'crc16.php'
(include_path='/home/shane/pear/lib:/usr/share/php/smarty/libs') in
/home/shane/public_html/gps/register.php on line 4

Just to let you know the URL or address of the website I accessed to
"get" that error is:

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