[Loadstone] new member

Petr Bláha hammet.pb at seznam.cz
Sat Dec 19 15:19:33 GMT 2009

Hello all, here is Petr from the czech republic.
Few months ago i started to use loadstone with new GPS module Qstarz 
BT-Q1000X, which is one of the best external bluetooth modules on the 
It is equipped with the latest mediatek chipset, 66 channels, accuracy 
with Vaas and EGNOs activated is about 6.6 meters, so it is not problem 
to use it everywhere, even in the city, buildings, trains, busses etc.
Therefore it is very helpfull for me in many situations.
So i subscribed to this list to watch what is going on with loadstone, 
to share my experience with another users, and so on.
If someone want's to know more about Qstarz BT-Q1000X module, don't 
hesitate to write me a message.

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