[Loadstone] <loadstone> and <nokia 6220>

Stephen Giggar sgiggar at sbcglobal.net
Sat Dec 19 13:55:52 GMT 2009

No Jochen it doesn't mean that. Just go down to the bottom of the list and 
download the 3rd Edition version. It will work.

Make sure that you have a 6220 classic and not a 6620. A lot of people get 
them mixed up. Don't ask me why! But they do. The 6620 is a old 2nd Edition 
phone from AT&T hear in the USA. So like I said, any of hte 3rd Edition 
software will work on the 6220 classic.

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> Hi,
> I just tried to get loadstone for my <nokia 6220>, but it seems not tobe
> listed at www.loadstone-gps-com. Does this mean that <loadstone> is not
> compatible to <nokia 6220>?
> I thank you in advance for your friendly help.
> Kind regards from
> Jochen
> Germany
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