[Loadstone] Entering co ordinates

kwaggapro at vodamail.co.za kwaggapro at vodamail.co.za
Sat Dec 19 11:05:25 GMT 2009

Hi my name is Corrie. I use loadstone in my day to day travels. The problem that i have is when i enter a co ordinat in loadstone that that co ordinate is way off the mark. For example. Lets say i enter a location that is -26.14.03 south latatude and 28.5.3 east. Loadstone wants me to be more presice and google does not give me more presice co ordinates. Please can someone send me an example of what i should do as to get closer with my points? I actuly have to go to a place to get a precise reading and i cant do that. I've red the manuals but no luck. Please mail me at kwaggapro at vodamail.co.za. Regards. Corrie.

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