[Loadstone] loadstonetools python converter requests

Lex lex at progger.ru
Tue Dec 15 12:43:29 GMT 2009


14.12.2009 7:11, maning sambale пишет:
> coordinates is OK for most cases, however, for very large buildings,
> the center is not optimal for navigation.  It would be best to use the
> entrance/exit of the building if it exist.  (I am currently searching
> for the proper tag in the OSM wiki.
Please, let me know on success.
> Some local POIs we map are tricycle_stations (usually used as a kind
> of taxi in Philippines)
> http://www.philippines.hvu.nl/transport3.htm
> These kinds of POI maybe highly local but nevertheless useful detail
> for loadstone navigation.
Where this tag is specified? Can you show me a small part from osm data 
with this tag in use?
> I am thinking maybe a separate lookup table
> text file we can customize without the need to modify the min code.
The lookup table was added specially to allow language translation of 
type labels. It is impossible with external file.
> I will compile a list for my area and send them to you if it's OK to add them.
Yes, and, if possible, short examples of data or perhaps tag 
specification as on OSM "map features" wiki page.


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