[Loadstone] loadstonetools python converter requests

Lex lex at progger.ru
Fri Dec 11 14:46:26 GMT 2009


11.12.2009 16:17, maning sambale пишет:
> 1.  Is there planned support for extracting polygon/area information?
> For example, we map buildings as areas not as node.  This data can be
> very useful as mentioned by my blind friends.
In fact, python converter extracts not only single nodes, but the 
polygons too. In terms of OSM format, <way> objects are processed. 
Currently, the center of polygonal object is used as its coordinates, 
but it can be easy done to be configurable. Can you, please, be more 
specific about areas which, you think, are missing in output?
> 2.  How can I extend the list of amenities to include other POIs?  We
> have local data added which weren't included and we would like to add
> them as well.
To be able to modify list of translatable amenities you need to optain a 
source and install the python interpreter to run it. If you are 
interested, write me a word and i'll explain in more details. But even 
if the amenity name does not exist in list of recognized amenities, 
converter adds the point with unprocessed amenity label. Of course, it 
happens only if converter recognizes the record as a POI.
If you have some POIs missing which, you believe, must be included in 
the output, show me an example file, which contains the data missing in 
converter output and I'll try to debug and correct the situation.


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