[Loadstone] LoadStone and Internal GPS receiver of N85 and N95?

Yan Bertrand yan.bertrand at polestar.eu
Thu Dec 10 08:43:52 GMT 2009

Thank you Kitt and Vadhimoolam.

It so happens that I had already enabled the internal GPS from the settings. But I still have no item in the LoadStone GPS menu that be named "phone", nor under the search for GPS receivers sub-menu.

So this triggers 2 questions:

- Where does the item appear exactly when it is present?

- Do you have any clue if this has been done on series 60 release 9.3 FP1 / FP2 phones?


Thank you again for your help.

Best regards,




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Hi there, hope this will help.  Check your phone setting.


Go to Tools / Settings / General / Positioning / Positioning Method.  If the above sequence cannot bring you to positioning method, find for it under Settings, should be there.  If your phone supports Build in GPS, then you should have 4 items in Positioning method.


Assisted gps, integrated gps, Bluetooth gps and also server.  So, make sure Integrated or build in gps is checked here by enabling it.




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	Hi all,

	I have installed LoadStone (version 0.72) on a Nokia N95 and a Nokia N85 phone.

	I am willing to use the internal GPS. I read the emails & documentation available. (This includes the mailing list archives with the N82 setup information.)

	Basically, where I am supposed to have a "phone" option for the GPS, I never see that item. (If I switch BlueTooth off and I don't accept its enabling, then I have no item at all under "Find a GPS receiver").


	Are these 2 phones supposed to work with their internal GPS receivers for LoadStone?

	If yes, where could I find more information on how to make this work?


	Thank you for your help.

	Best regards,





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