[Loadstone] LoadStone and Internal GPS receiver of N85 and N95?

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Wed Dec 9 20:51:40 GMT 2009

Yes the internal receiver should work with loadstone. Perhaps you have to enable it to make it work. Go to phone's settings, and then positioning under general. There you can enable the internal gps receiver. After this if you go to the settings under ls, you should be able to see the internal receiver.
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Subject: [Loadstone] LoadStone and Internal GPS receiver of N85 and N95?
From: "Yan Bertrand" <yan.bertrand at polestar.eu>
Date: 12/09/2009 8:54 AM

Hi all,

I have installed LoadStone (version 0.72) on a Nokia N95 and a Nokia N85

I am willing to use the internal GPS. I read the emails & documentation
available. (This includes the mailing list archives with the N82 setup

Basically, where I am supposed to have a "phone" option for the GPS, I
never see that item. (If I switch BlueTooth off and I don't accept its
enabling, then I have no item at all under "Find a GPS receiver").


Are these 2 phones supposed to work with their internal GPS receivers
for LoadStone?

If yes, where could I find more information on how to make this work?


Thank you for your help.

Best regards,




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