[Loadstone] LoadStone and Internal GPS receiver of N85 and N95?

Yan Bertrand yan.bertrand at polestar.eu
Wed Dec 9 13:52:28 GMT 2009

Hi all,

I have installed LoadStone (version 0.72) on a Nokia N95 and a Nokia N85

I am willing to use the internal GPS. I read the emails & documentation
available. (This includes the mailing list archives with the N82 setup

Basically, where I am supposed to have a "phone" option for the GPS, I
never see that item. (If I switch BlueTooth off and I don't accept its
enabling, then I have no item at all under "Find a GPS receiver").


Are these 2 phones supposed to work with their internal GPS receivers
for LoadStone?

If yes, where could I find more information on how to make this work?


Thank you for your help.

Best regards,




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