[Loadstone] Success with Loadstone!

Kerry Hoath kerry at gotss.net
Thu Dec 3 05:47:38 GMT 2009

Loadstone does not automatically announce points unless they are checked.
This is covered in the documentation on the loadstone gps site.
I would recommend all users of loadstone take a read through this 
documentation at least once and familiarize themselves with the way 
loadstone works.

Once the docs have been read your questions to the list can be more 
Regards, Kerry.

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> Hi everyone,
> I do have a question, I hope you all aren't tired of my questions. First 
> off I wanted to thank everyone for your help. I finally got the map for 
> Westchester County to load. I used it today when I took my cab to work. 
> The only thing I can't figure out is why even with the autoannounce 
> feature engaged Loadstone doesn't autoannounce? I wonder if I'm doing 
> something wrong. The only way I get i to talk is to press the arrow down 
> key. Is this correct? THank you for any assistance you can provide. Have a 
> great day.
> Musically,
> Marissa
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