[Loadstone] OSM and unnamed streets

Lulu-Ann at gmx.de Lulu-Ann at gmx.de
Tue Aug 25 12:32:14 BST 2009

Ari wrote:
>   I have contributed some traces to blindOSM but need your opinions on
> some 
> questions:
> - How to mark a unnamed  road? Earlier i have marked them with known road 
> or POI name at both ends for the route in parenthesis,
> '(exampleroad -  cafe example)'.

In OSM there are different kinds of names.
If there is no official name (stored in "name"-tag),
we can use the name that persons that live there usually use,
the "local name", stored in the "loc_name"-tag.
The loc_name will not appear on printed maps and it is not spoken in Loadstone yet, but maybe it could be imported in the future?

> - What language to use when entering a road description Shall i use 
> english descriptions that look weird in otherwise finnish maps or do i use
> finnish descriptions that does not make much sense for non-finnish OSM 
> contributors?

You the use "description"-tag for the standard description, which is usually local language.

If you want to add descriptions in other languages (for major museums or similar), or make sure the description is read out in the right language as soon as screenreaders support it, you can use:  

description:en for the English description and
description:de for the German description etc.
(is it :fi for finnland or some abbreviation of Suomi?)

Use description:en:blind for a description in English, that is only interesting for blind or visually impaired persons, e.g. if the elevator has braille writing or embossed printed letters on the buttons and if the level and door opening is spoken.

More on that in the OSM wiki: 

By the way, thanks a lot for donating your tracks, Ari.
Did you succeed in downloading your local .osm data and converting it to loadstone database since I added the streets?

The instructions how to contribute to OSM are now also available in German language. 
Is there anybody who can translate to any more languages?



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