[Loadstone] [Bulk] LS Dropping

Dave Carlson dgcarlson at sbcglobal.net
Sun Aug 23 22:48:39 BST 2009

Bluetooth GPs Receiver? If yes, make sure you've got it paired in the Bluetooth setup area.

Internal GPS receiver? Make sure you have it selected in Lodestone settings under GPS.


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  Hey guys,


  This problem is baffling me. Any suggestions as to what is happening? 


  When I start LS, it reports a connection error. If I go to connect default GPS, I hear a two toned beep, and no connection is made to the Bluetooth receiver.   


  If I restart the phone, I can then connect to LS, and it works for a short time as it should.


  After a couple of minutes though, LS reports: "GPS clock seems to have stopped ticking" followed by a steady beep.


  I then attempt to exit LS, but the phone falls silent. If I press the hang-up button, it will bring me to the standby screen. If I then hold down the menu key, LS is still running in the background. If I enter LS, it still fails to respond to commands.


  All help or suggestions appreciated






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