[Loadstone] LS Dropping

LA Watters lawatters90 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 23 18:27:49 BST 2009

Hey guys,


This problem is baffling me. Any suggestions as to what is happening? 


When I start LS, it reports a connection error. If I go to connect default GPS, I hear a two toned beep, and no connection is made to the Bluetooth receiver.   


If I restart the phone, I can then connect to LS, and it works for a short time as it should.


After a couple of minutes though, LS reports: "GPS clock seems to have stopped ticking" followed by a steady beep.


I then attempt to exit LS, but the phone falls silent. If I press the hang-up button, it will bring me to the standby screen. If I then hold down the menu key, LS is still running in the background. If I enter LS, it still fails to respond to commands.


All help or suggestions appreciated




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