[Loadstone] I need info about poi conversion

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Thu Aug 20 07:26:12 BST 2009


Every Loadstone user is supposed to have a unique number, the UserID. This 
number is calculated from the e-mail address supplied in 
settings/general/username on the phone. From the Getting Started Manual:

'Finally, Loadstone records contain your user ID under which you are known 
in the PointsShareExchange (more about this later) and a unique record ID. 
These ID-numbers are generated by the program itself and you need not be 
concerned with these numbers. What you do need to know is that your UserID 
is derived from the e-mail address that you supplied in 
Options/Settings/General on the phone. This should be the same e-mail 
address you use to registre an account on the PointShareExchange.'

Of course our web based services do not know your UserID, so that is why 
the PointShareExchange and some tools ask for your e-mail address. The 
webserver then calculates your UserID from this address. It is therefore 
important to provide the same e-mail address to web services as you did on 
the phone.

It is possible that our webserver had a temporary problem with the 
calculation of your UserID and generated an error message. Please try it 
again, I had no problems when I tried it yesterday.


At 8/19/2009, you wrote:
>Hi Rob, I've filled in the user name in the phone settings. But if I'm 
>just trying to convert data via desktop pc and internet, how can loadstone 
>be informed that I've changed the settings in the phone? I mean, loadstone 
>web site asks for ane-mail that is in the phone but I found no 
>instructions to connect the desktop and the n81. What shall I do? Please 
>let me know if I've explained well my questions.
>Regards, Paulo
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>>I have used pauloaugustoamigos at yahoo.com.br as an e-mail address in the 
>>OSM converter and it worked OK. If you enter this e-mail address in the 
>>program under settings/general/username you should be fine.
>>At 8/19/2009, you wrote:
>>>Hi Shawn and all,
>>>I'm trying to convert mycity.osm file at the tools page but I get an 
>>>answer that my e-mail adress is wrong. I'm asked to
>>>please provide the e-mail address as entered it in 
>>>Options/Settings/General on your phone.
>>>I have no e-mail adress there, only a number, but not in any e-mail 
>>>field,but in the user name field.
>>>First I've tryed to enter the e-mail adress I'm using to subscribe this 
>>>list. Then I entered the nunber in the phone. None has worked out.
>>>What should I do?
>>>Thanks in advance, Paulo
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