[Loadstone] I need info about poi conversion

Paulo Augusto pauloaugustoamigos at yahoo.com.br
Wed Aug 19 07:36:17 BST 2009

Hi Shawn and all,
I'm trying to convert mycity.osm file at the tools page but I get an answer 
that my e-mail adress is wrong. I'm asked to
please provide the e-mail address as entered it in Options/Settings/General 
on your phone.
I have no e-mail adress there, only a number, but not in any e-mail 
field,but in the user name field.
First I've tryed to enter the e-mail adress I'm using to subscribe this 
list. Then I entered the nunber in the phone. None has worked out.
What should I do?
Thanks in advance, Paulo
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> It's likely you won't be able to get data from either tomtom or garmin. 
> Even if you could it's probably illegal to do so. Those maps are under 
> copyright and would be restricted in what you can do with them.
> On Tue, 18 Aug 2009, Paulo Augusto wrote:
>> Hello friends,
>> I've been trying to resolve many things without disturbing you. I've 
>> spent the whole day strugling to figure out how to convert any poi 
>> database into a loadstone compatible file.
>> I've already downloaded poi route track conversion utility.
>> I found out that it converts tomtom and garmin database into excel poi.
>> I've downloaded garmin maps for Brazil but I can't find the files I need 
>> to convert. The garmin archives contain lots of exe files and I don't 
>> know if it's dangerous or will work.
>> Now I'm trying to download tomtom brazilian map but I don't know if it 
>> will work too.
>> Does anybody know if it will be possible to get data from garmin or 
>> tomtom and use it with loadstone?
>> Can we get this complete databases via loadstone web site?
>> Ive already created the osm file that I need. It has about 15 mega bytes. 
>> But it doesn't have the names of the streets, etc.
>> If it's easy for someone to answer this questions, I'll be glad.
>> Paulo
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