[Loadstone] I need info about poi conversion

Paulo Augusto pauloaugustoamigos at yahoo.com.br
Wed Aug 19 01:05:26 BST 2009

Hello friends,
I've been trying to resolve many things without disturbing you. I've spent the whole day strugling to figure out how to convert any poi database into a loadstone compatible file.
I've already downloaded poi route track conversion utility.
I found out that it converts tomtom and garmin database into excel poi.
I've downloaded garmin maps for Brazil but I can't find the files I need to convert. The garmin archives contain lots of exe files and I don't know if it's dangerous or will work.
Now I'm trying to download tomtom brazilian map but I don't know if it will work too.
Does anybody know if it will be possible to get data from garmin or tomtom and use it with loadstone?
Can we get this complete databases via loadstone web site?
Ive already created the osm file that I need. It has about 15 mega bytes. But it doesn't have the names of the streets, etc.
If it's easy for someone to answer this questions, I'll be glad.

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