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LA Watters lawatters90 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 15:11:00 BST 2009

Hi all,


Help needed: I am encountering great difficulty using loadstone these days. I have the Hollux 1000 and a Nokia N73.


When I initially bring up LS, it is unusual to obtain a GPS fix without first restarting the phone. It will then work normally for some minutes before failing. The phone omits a steady beep every couple of seconds, and I have noticed that Talks sometimes announces that there has been a "run time error". I am then prevented from cancelling out of LS without completely restarting the phone. Subsequent sessions of LS appear to last for a shorter period of time. Quite often, it will be necessary to restart the phone fore or five times before getting LS to run for a couple of minutes. Then I just give up in frustration.


This began happening with the previous version of LS, so last month I updated to the most recent version of LS available, but the problem continues.


Any help appreciated.


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