[Loadstone] : Loadstone For N75?

Daryl Diller (Assistineer) assistineer at verizon.net
Wed Aug 5 00:18:11 BST 2009

Good Evening Again Loadstoners:
	Its Daryl Diller, and I could have been a new list subscriber and Loadstone
user; But Not as it turns out.  That's because, I couldn't compare AT&TNavigator and
Loadstone on our Nokia N75s like I wanted, because I found out that they don't
support AT&TNavigator.

	After talking to AT&T Customer Service early this morning about installing
AT&TNavigator on both our Nokia N75s; but not having any success running it during
the rest of the day, I found out, when I called back this afternoon, and AT&T
Technical Support (and their Special Needs Center) both told my wife and I that AT&T
Customer Service Should Have Told us that the N75s don't support AT&TNavigator.  And
that's probably why there wasn't any Loadstone software for our N75s, which prompted
me to call AT&T about why AT&TNavigator doesn't run on them.

	So, thank you very much for any of your thoughts.

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