[Loadstone] YNT: Problems installing Loadstone

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Mon Aug 3 18:48:46 BST 2009

Hi. This happens with the older versions of pc suite. Try copying the file to memory card and ınstall over file manager or try y_browser instead of fexplorer. Fexplorer must be signed or phone must be hacked to install it. You cant find the lmx file in the phone. Go to landmarks item in connectivity folder and mark all the items and send them to a pc via bluetooth or email thus you'll have an lmx file.

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Konu: [Loadstone] Problems installing Loadstone
Kimden: "Paulo Augusto" <pauloaugustoamigos at yahoo.com.br>
Tarih: 03.08.2009 20.27

Hello, I've read all I could at Loadstone's web site but I can't solve some problems.
1. I've downloaded loadstone for s60 3rd edition but when I try to install it via pc suite, talks says in portuguese something like "don't accept". It appears no option to continue, no ok, etc.
The same thing happens when I try to install fexplorer that I've downloaded via loadstone's link.
3. I can't find the nokia lmx file to convert.
Can anybody help? I've tryed to resolve the problems by myself not to disturb you but after more than 3 hours I've got no solution.
Thanks for any help,

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