[Loadstone] Problems installing Loadstone

Paulo Augusto pauloaugustoamigos at yahoo.com.br
Mon Aug 3 18:21:23 BST 2009

Hello, I've read all I could at Loadstone's web site but I can't solve some problems.
1. I've downloaded loadstone for s60 3rd edition but when I try to install it via pc suite, talks says in portuguese something like "don't accept". It appears no option to continue, no ok, etc.
The same thing happens when I try to install fexplorer that I've downloaded via loadstone's link.
3. I can't find the nokia lmx file to convert.
Can anybody help? I've tryed to resolve the problems by myself not to disturb you but after more than 3 hours I've got no solution.
Thanks for any help,
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