[Loadstone] LS downloading

Igor B. Poretsky poretsky at mlbox.ru
Wed Apr 29 21:21:19 BST 2009


>>>>> "Kenny" == Kenny Hitt <kenny at hittsjunk.net> writes:

    Kenny> Hi.  Your browzer solution is really outdated in terms of
    Kenny> modern web sites.

But it is a matter of my preferences anyway.

    Kenny> You should find an alternative browzer instead of expecting
    Kenny> web sites to return to 1990's web technology.  I use
    Kenny> Firefox, elinks, or the web browzer on my Nokia E65.  All
    Kenny> of these browzers have no problems downloading loadstone.

Ok. As I noted already, it is not a sensible problem for me
personally, so I've already downloaded all things I wished.

Best regards,

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