[Loadstone] LS downloading

Gianfranco Giudice g.giudice at balcab.ch
Wed Apr 29 10:45:50 BST 2009

Hello Monthy

Concerning the Google Frame, could you move it down on the page. It confuse
and disturbe me while navigating.
For sighted people you may change the position of the frame using CSS.


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Hello Igor,

Given the number of browsers on the market (most of which are free), I
sincerely hope you manage to find success with downloading the latest
version of Loadstone GPS just like the hundreds of others (most of which I
assume are blind) did so far!

With a small exception of some of the tools (found on the tools page) which
make use of various GoogleMapping JavaScript functions and the JavaScript
found in the Google Advertising functions (that incidentally help  towards
server costs when clicked on), no  JavaScript is used in  the download

Best regards,

  On Wed, 29 Apr 2009, Igor B. Poretsky wrote:

> Hello!
> I tried to download new version of Loadstone, but failed. As I've 
> discovered, it had happened because the browser I usually use
> (Emacs-w3m) doesn't support javascript. Of course, personally I'll 
> find a way to accomplish the task, but I wonder whether this 
> javascript complications are truely inevitable in this particular 
> case?
> AFAIK, Loadstone itself is aimed primarily for the blind users, who 
> are usually more restricted in software choice than their sited 
> friends. What is the point in making additional difficulties for them?
> Best regards,
> Igor.
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