[Loadstone] 737 A+ log

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Mon Apr 27 17:15:45 BST 2009

A reliable comparison of receivers is only possible if the log data is 
recorded at the same time, the same place and under the same conditions. 
Then the log data has to be compared with a known track record. Comparing 
logs taken on different locations doesn't say anything.

At 4/27/2009, you wrote:
>Could someone send me some NMEA logs from I-Blue 737 A+ , please? I'm 
>especially interested in pedestrian routes. I'd like to compare my 
>Royaltek RBT-2100 and I-Blue 737 A+ if it comes to speed, heading and 
>drifting deviations, in order to see if MTK2-based receivers are actually 
>Thanks in advance.

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