[Loadstone] Announcing checkpoints

Chris Judge cjudge at eastlink.ca
Fri Apr 24 07:54:52 BST 2009

Thanks, I'll do that.
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> Try turning off auto announce if you have it on. With this off the
> checkpoint will only be announced as you approach and when you arrive.
> On Thu, 23 Apr 2009, Chris Judge wrote:
>> Hello List:
>> I am new to Loadstone, less than a week, and I'm still learning the 
>> ropes. I have a question regarding the automatic announcement of check 
>> points. What I'm finding is that, while both walking, and in a vehicle, 
>> loadstone will announce a check point, and keep announcing the same 
>> checkpoint every couple of minutes, until I arrive at the next check 
>> point. Is there any way to set it so that the point is only announced 
>> once, when I'm arriving? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
>> Thanks.
>> Chris Judge
>> Skype name: cjudge
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