[Loadstone] How many points is too many?

Vetrivel Adhimoolam vadhimoolam at gmail.com
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If you already know the number of counties that you will be passing by, you could create separate databases for those counties only. Ones you have them, you can find the exact bus root via it's websight or some general sights like the Yahoo's directions or mapquest and create checkpoints. those points can be saved in a separate file and all you need to do is to simply load the associated checkpoint file at the time of traveling and you are good to go.


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  I'm trying to figure out how many points Loadstone can handle.  I have points for a large portion of my state already imported into Loadstone.  I'm planning to take a trip by bus to another state this summer and would like to use Loadstone on the way.  How do people handle a situation like this?




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