[Loadstone] Nokia 6680

Gianfranco Giudice g.giudice at balcab.ch
Thu Apr 16 13:40:12 BST 2009

A 6608 can be connected without SIM-Card to a PC, eccept for Firmware


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Hi Josh,
I used to use a Nokia 6680.  I still have it as my backup phone.  A Nokia
6680 should work with Loadstone without a sim card once Loadstone and a
database are installed and imported.  I am not sure if you can connect a
Nokia 6680 to a computer without a sim card.  
If you can afford it, you might consider a third generation phone.  My
personal recommendation would be a Nokia N82.  This will allow you to add
functionality, such as a KNFB Reader if you so choose.
Mike Hanson
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