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Grzegorz Zlotowicz grzezlo at wp.pl
Wed Apr 15 14:41:28 BST 2009

is there a way to permanently delete a point from the database?
When user deletes a point using loadstone, a priority of this point is changed to some value (maybe 4 if I remember well) - as far as i know it's for compatibility with point share exchange service, allowing user to update there their deleted points.
So, when a user exports a database, these deleted points are still there.
But, When a user imports a database, all points with priority set to 4 are also imported, Why?

I'm developing a poi converter for a Loadstone from the opensource map of Poland, for a whole country there is about 320 thousands of pois, so it's a valuable source of information.
It's also about 3 thousands of pois added each month, so now I'm working on a mechanism of updates, which would generate a import text file for Loadstone consisting only of points added since last update, but there is a possibility, that some points were removed since last update too.
It would be nice to delete permanently these points from a database, reducing it's size a bit and maybe improving performance.

My questions are, why points with priority=4 aren't deleted from a db permanently?
If it's for some reasons, would it be possible in future versions to define some other priority value, which would permanently delete such imported point?

Greetings, Greg.
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