[Loadstone] mmc cards?

Kerry and Gemma Hoath kerryandgemma at gotss.net
Tue Apr 14 23:38:09 BST 2009

All of your questions are answered in the documentation on the loadstone 
For a start, loadstone does not use maps, it uses waypoints which is why you 
can't install wayfinder maps into it,
apart from the fact that doing so violates the copyright on the maps.

There is a good chapter on exactly how to install loadstone either into 
phone memory or onto an mmc card. If you ask about this on list you're 
likely to be pointed back at the documentation so save yourself a lot of 
time and go have a look at the tutorials when it is convenient.
failure to do this will most probably result in you not getting the best use 
out of loadstone.
for example Loadstone won't tell you where to turn left and right or how to 
get to brong street from squid street, or at least not in its default mode.
(Yes I know there is a breadcrum generator but not the easiest thing for new 
users to use).

Putting in an hour or two reading the manual on any gps system is highly 
Regards, Kerry.

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Can loadstone be installed onto an mmc card? also, can the maps be installed 
there too?



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